okandbitThe fascinating culture and stunning scenery, not to mention the visible remnants from the many civilisations over the ages, make a tour of Turkey a truly fantastic travel experience. Starting amidst the historical grandeur and modern wonder of Istanbul, we will witness historical highlights, such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus and Pergamon; cultural treats like the amazing cuisine and traditional hospitality of the locals; and of course the stunning landscapes of places such as the otherworldly Cappadocia and gorgeous coastal villages on the Mediterranean. This is the quintessential Turkey tour and a travel experience you’ll never forget.



Some of our popular destinations in Turkey

Old City Tour 1392455389suleymaniye_6

Enjoy a full day tour of sightseeing, discover the Byzantine and the Ottoman Relics; visit Saint-Hagia Sophia Museum, one of the world’s greatest architectural marvels, built by Constantine The Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century. Then visit Sultanahmet-Blue Mosque, built in the 16th century, unique with six minarets and its magnificent interior decoration of the blue Iznik tiles. See the Ancient Hippodrome, once was the scene of chariot races, with three monuments: the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine.



Bosphorus Tour- Two Continents istanbul_bosphorus_bridge_by_belkibirgun-d4nz3vv

Enjoy a full day tour to Bosphorus and Asia; on a boat, sail along the waterway separating Europe and Asia, while passing the magnificent Dolmabahce Palace under Bosphorus Bridge, the Fortresses, villas and small fishing villages. Then Rumeli Fortress built by Mehmet in 1453, prior to the conquest of Istanbul, one of the most beautiful works of military architecture.




MiniaTurk is the largest open air museum, which has 126 miniature wonders of Turkey at 1/25 scale. It is a major attraction in Istanbul that attracts millions of visitors every year. It is the only place where you can get a panoramic picture of Turkey.




Turkish Bath with Massage f783fdb17450ac3e5b398701ce6dc949

You will be treated with a Turkish Bath which is a traditional way of exfoliating dead skin and rejuvenating your body with a massage. You can never describe it, unless you experience it yourself. A free gift of bath package that includes, a full size towel, slippers, lotion, shampoo and soap will be handed out to you, as you enter premises.



Laleli oshe-laleli-21

Laleli is one of the most important shopping districts in Istanbul. Many shop owners, wholesalers, designers or even consumers, who would like to get better deals come to Laleli from all over the world to buy goods, especially clothing. Please do not forget, Laleli is mostly wholesale. Main items found are, clothing, accessories, leather items, bags, shoes and many more.




Antalya, the Turkish Riviera is the most stunning part of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. It is typical of Turkey, a thriving antalyamodern city, with a historic heart in the centre of Kaleiçi within the old city walls. This area has seen something of a renaissance in recent years, with many of the wooden Ottoman mansions being restored and turned into boutique hotels. There are plenty of interesting pieces in the Archaeological Museum, from the Palaeolithic Age right through to Ottoman times.The beach area of Lara, approximately 12 km to the east is home to the best beach in the area, known for its golden sand, which is rapidly becoming a resort in its own right. To the west, the long pebble beach of Konyaaltı is also popular. Heading up into the mountains, you can make the most of the beautiful scenery by visiting the spectacular Düden or Kurşunlu waterfalls.



Uludağ Ski Centre is composed of two seperate parts. It has a 1st and 2nd Development Zone. There are 16 hotels up and uludagrunning in the Ist Zone where the investments have been completed. In the 2nd Zone where it had been declared as a “Tourism Centre” in 1986 has a 3300 bed capacity, a parcel of land for 11 hotels has been arranged and allocated to the Investors. Furthermore there are various state-owned facilities and a hotel in Uludağ Ski Centre, 12 Public and 15 owned by the private sector. In total 27 accommodation facilities exist and a 3000 bed capacity. In addition to the hotels, shopping and entertainment centres, a health clinic also serves in Uludağ Ski Centre. In Uludağ Ski Centre there are Ski Rooms for hire, skiing kits for sale and ski trainers available for ski courses.



Cappadocia, Turkey is the historic area of central Anatolia bounded by the towns of Hacıbektaş, Aksaray,Niğde and Kayseri (map). It was known as Cappadociain ancient times, and is still called Kapadokyainformally today.Cappadocia is Turkey’s most visually striking region, especially the “moonscape” area around the towns ofÜrgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar, Avanos and Mustafapaşa (Sinasos), where erosion has formed caves, clefts, pinnacles, “fairy chimneys” and sensuous folds in the soft volcanic rock.




One of Turkey’s most famous landmarks, splashed across tourist brochures and posters, Pamukkale is a marvellously surreal natural wonder that is a must-do on your Turkish travels. Rippling out in a series of semi-circular travertines, this pure-white mountain makes for some bizarrely beautiful photographic opportunities set as it is among green farming fields. Up on the summit lie the remains of the Roman spa town of Hierapolis with the renowned hot spring pools where you can do as the Roman’s did and bathe away your aches and pains


Ephesus efes1

We are a team of officially Licensed Professional Tour Guides that are all from Ephesus and Kusadasi, have many years of expertises in Ephesus Ancient City and arounds, graduated from The National School of Guiding and hold the official licence issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism needed to work throughout Turkey.  Our tours are especially ideal for cruise passengers who come to Kusadasi  ( Ephesus ) or Istanbul Ports. Furthermore, our specialized tours are priced lower than the cruise excursions and offers you the 100% satisfaction with a higher quality than the group tours.



Gallipoli gelibolu

The Gallipoli Peninsula lies to the north of the Dardanelles. Turks call it Gelibolu—there’s also a town of the same name about 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Eceabat. Thirty-one beautifully tended military cemeteries of the Allied dead from World War I line the Gallipoli battlefields. The major battles were in two main areas—along the coast between Kabatepe and Suvla Bay, and at Cape Helles, where the main Turkish memorial is located.



Troy truva-ati

The wooden horse that stands outside the site is a modern addition, there to remind us of Homer’s epics, but the city walls, layer upon layer of them, date back several millennia. Long thought to be a figment of the Greek poet Homer’s imagination and written about in his epic The Iliad, Troy was excavated in the 1870s by Heinrich Schliemann, a German businessman who had struck it rich in California’s gold rush.



Ankara ankara3

A trip to Ankara is not complete without exploring such ancient sites as the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, where you can see numerous remnants of the Stone Age, Neolithic Age, Hittites, Urartians, Phygians and more. Other highlights include Ataturk Mausoleum and the Citadel of Ankara.






The Jeep Safari Departs from the meeting point at Torba. You drive through the forest to reach the top of Çamlk Mountain where you can enjoy a birds-eye view of the area and take some breathtaking photos. This is a wonderful off-road experience.Departure from Çamlk village. There is a Photo stop at Turtle Lake where you can see terrapins and visit a historical water gumbet on the way. Arrive at Yalçiftlik jetty where passengers will swap tours. Lunch will be served on the boat for all guests.



Fethiye fethiye-paragliding-turkey (Medium)

Fethiye, sheltered at the end of a bay with 12 islands, attracts many travellers because of its natural beauty, its narrow and lively streets, its quaint plazas and market place.Dry, long, hot summers and short, warm, rainy winters are climatic characteristics of Fethiye. The temperature is around 30-40 C during the summer and usually above 10 C in the winter.
Swimming is possible here for 9 months a year!



Explore Ephesus, the best-preserved ancient city in Turkey, on this shore excursion from Kusadasi. A commercial, religious and social center during ancient Greek and Roman times, Ephesus is full of spectacular ruins. While your ship waits in the Kusadasi port, you can discover ancient sights like the Fountains of Trajan, the Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsius and the Great Theater.






Kartalkaya is one of the most popular skiing and snowboarding centers in Turkey and it is located at West Black Sea Region, southeast of the city Bolu, on the Koroglu Mountains. Kartalkaya Skiing Center is one of the places that comes first to the mind when talking about skiing in Turkey and you can ski from the beginning of December to end of March. It is possible to see 3 meters snow in




Departing from Trabzon, the first stop on the tour will be Surmene; famous for the making of handmade knives in 30 minutes. Next, we explore a clothes store in Rize Tekpa renowned for its sale of handmade items consisting of pure cotton. After stopping for a tea break near the Old Ottoman Stone Bridge on the Storm Stream set amidst the Storm Valley, we continue to the unique waterfalls situated at the summit of the Ayder highland. Enjoy some lunch and it’s free time from here to discover the Ayder highland



In 1989, 1,625 hectares of the land was declared as a Nature Park due to its rich flora, stunning wildlife and outstanding natural beauty. The most dominant tree species is the Eastern spruce. An impressive array of wildlife exists with species such as roe deer, wild boar, bear, badger, lynx, birds of prey, and trout as well as various kinds of reptiles.


Black Sea Highlands karadeniz-yaylalari-fotograflari-14

Our gateway to the Black Sea highlands is Maçka, Trabzon province’s emerald forested township. Bisected by the waters of the Coşandere, which point to the Sumela Monastery, this township offers a surprise at every step, from the highlands themselves with their mysterious medieval monasteries to rousing folk festivals and traditional local dishes. The road into the mountains becomes more and more beautiful as one approaches the Zigana Valley; on it is the village of Hamsiköy, famous for its rice pudding.




The towns of Midyat and Mardin are not as popular as other destinations in Turkey yet lately they are attracting certain type of visitors who stay away from sandy beaches and coastal resort nightclubs in favour of cultural and religious tourism.Thanks to its Arabic influences architecture, Mardin is a contester for the UNESCO World heritage site list while the nearby town of old Midyat is a great opportunity to explore ancient Kurdish and Syriac heritage. If your travel plans involve the southeast of Turkey, you should definitely put both of these towns on your list.




Sanliurfa was known as ‘Edessa’ in ancient times and presently hosts an Arab, Kurdish, and Turkish Population. It is located on a plain east of the Euphrates River. According to Turkish Muslim tradition, it was the biblical city of Ur of the Chaldeans. During the Byzantine Era it was an important center with many churches, schools, and monasteries located here.




First capitial of Ottoman empire, Uludag is the famous mountain of Marmara Region, One of the biggest industrial city of Turkey, Wellknown for ches nuts and Turkish delights, Bursa is the capital of textile and silk. The cablecar (teleferik) can not be operated due the weather conditions.