Business Connections

Istanbul istanbul_bosphorus_bridge_by_belkibirgun-d4nz3vv

The port city has always been an important commercial hub along the busy trade route between East and West, but Ataturk International Airport is fuelling the city’s more recent boom thanks to Turkish Airlines, Europe’s fourth largest carrier. The airline flies to 200 destinations around the world and even offers a free city tour to passengers with long layovers.Long a bustling commercial hub thanks to its position between East and West, the port city that bridges Asia and Europe is taking its place on the international business stage.

New York newyork_2705424b

From a Dutch trading post to a global financial centre New York has always had business and commerce at its very core. Home to Wall Street the world’s largest stock market and the iconic NASDAQ building on Times Square, New York offers business students the chance to experience a dynamic city at the heart of the global economy.



Guangzhou guangzhou_haber_b

Guangzhou maybe not the most greatest place for sight-seeing, but it definitely the greatest place for business. There are more than hundreds of professional wholesale markets in Guangzhou,including garments, shoes, toys, gifts, furniture and etc.Guangzhou4U’s business tour guide provide professional service by showing our valuable clients with the most wide selection of  products among Guangzhou’s hundreds of professional markets.Just come with us to find your products in a incredible competitive price in Guangzhou. Daily rate of a business guide is from RMB250-500 per day, depends on your demand.



Nairobi 949939763_142da784ef_z

Nairobi’s significance as a major Africa business centre is unquestionable. Business services, communications, the banking sector and conference facilities in this bustling cosmopolitan capital are as sophisticated as anywhere on the continent outside South Africa. Kenya is one of Africa’s most stable and investor-friendly nations, and its long-established infrastructure and well-developed tourism sector means the business traveller is well served by an array of world class hotels and extensive international air-links.


Sao Paulo sao-paulo-postcard

The biggest South American city, São Paulo is also Brazil’s main financial center. São Paulo’s growth was impulsed by the development of the coffee production and the industrialization process in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, bringing immigrants from all over the world to work on the coffee cultivation.All these immigration waves resulted on a diversity of customs, beliefs, culinary and most of all, a diversity of people, that together composed the cosmopolitanism so characteristic of the city.